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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is d w news law from berlin a deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. a gunman opens fire at a concert killing at least fifty people and injuring more than two hundred police say they have shocked at the suspect a sixty four year old man from nevada. chaos in spain
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a referendum in catalonia has plunged the country into crisis the catalan regional government is meeting to consider what steps it can take towards independence that's after ninety percent of voters back to separating from spain in a referendum disrupted by police and dismissed barmen dritte. two women go on trial in malaysia for the mysterious poisoning death of kim jong nam brother of north korean dictator kim jong un if convicted they face the death penalty. and the rhythms that rule our lives three u.s. researchers share the nobel prize in medicine for their work in explaining how we check. i'm serious almost kind of good to have you with us a gunman has killed at least fifty people and they injured hundred four. good
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morning the u.s. city of las vegas police have confirmed that the suspect a sixty four year old white band from nevada is also dead the shooting took place on the famed las vegas strip and the attacker had checked in as a guest at the mandalay bay hotel and casino and from the thirty second floor he began firing on an outdoor concert authorities say they have also located a female person of interest she was seen accompanying the suspect before the attack . the is the moment when music tensing to gunfire. people begin to run for their lives. as hysteria breaks out in the concert venue the shorts continue. some say the gunfire lasted for five minutes others say even longer. people at the
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scene described the hora they witnessed. we refused to believe it was a shooting until they just kept going and going and chase all the wealth the stage and then everybody started firing and we started firing we had to have a gate to get out. i've never seen anything like that when they kept shooting and shooting and shooting and we thought it was on the other side we just thought it was maybe play machine guns but it definitely wasn't our fire guns. and it sounded like at least thirty rounds or more. police rushed to the scene of the attack at the mandalay bay hotel and casino where the perpetrator had checked in as a guest from the thirty second floor he began shooting indiscriminately a concert goer outside.
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an hour later police confirmed his death. for him as his history and background we haven't completed that part of the investigation yet but we located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied and like i stated earlier it's going to be a long and tedious investigation now we're bringing in all the resources of the f.b.i. to assist us in this and. authorities have named a sixty four year old local white man as the attack and believe he was acting alone these incident just in to was mass shooting in modern u.s. history and the death of two bikes. and let's go right to los vegas where peter dawson is standing by he's a reporter for cave vu fox five news there he joins us on the line peter hi thank you for joining us what's happening there right now of bring us up to date. well
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right now the strip was shut down several casinos were shut down and evacuated guests had to go down the street to basically a large town square type of shoppers ability now to get at the concert the concert goers it was sheer panic as you can imagine when the shots rang out some people didn't know what was happening you know the las vegas strip it's very noisy it's very bright so when they realized that they were in danger they went running a few people had to go across the way to a private airport they were told to shelter in place in a private hangar some of them did some of it didn't but as soon as we're got out that the thomas i'm mad at you and the campus about a mile down the road that's where they're at everybody to go to and at one point thousands of people i saw go into the thomas the mack and metro our police department out here was asking anybody if they witnessed anything to fill out a statement if they just needed water blankets or just a place to sleep to go into
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a different area of the thomas i'm at one point sources inside said about five hundred people were sleeping now as about forty five minutes ago some of the strip casinos started to open back up again so they've been shuttling people from the thomas a mack about a mile up the street to the las vegas strip and i would say there's about two to three hundred people still in the thomas a mass you know kind of. resting grabbing a drink of water and getting some food waiting for the mandalay bay to open there is no time limit i want to stress at the. they are allowed to stay here for as long as they want a lot of people as you can tell very shaken up about this whole thing maybe don't want to go back to the wants vegas trip right now some flights were delayed and canceled but the airport i believe is back to full operation right now we're just trying to come to grips with what happened here just a few hours ago now peter a terrifying situation there a few hours ago on the ground any information from authorities on the victims more than fifty people killed and the injured more than four hundred. right now that's
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the latest that we have jeralyn bartered just update the media and i believe that was where the updated numbers are right now so they're kind of they're updating the media about every forty five minutes to an hour and sadly just four or five hours ago it was two dead and now we have fifty plus and then it was twenty four injured and now we're up to four hundred so every update that sheriff joe wampler brings us it's just gets worse and worse and peter we mentioned that the police had named the shooter as a sixty four year old local man any indication about what his motive possibly could have been oh absolutely i could i would i could speculate on that metro does a really good job of updating everybody assuming they know something but right now i think they're just being tight lipped about everything if they do know something or if they don't know something but i'm sure we'll know more about that man coming up in the next few hours peter dawson a reporter for k v v u fox five news in the thank you peter thank you so much.
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and these social media editor carl naslund has also been tracking this story for us and joins us in studio hi carl what if you can see the i mean as we were seeing some of those videos i mean people were filming the horrific tragedy and even across the city in las vegas you people kind of capturing these moments of chaos as news started to spread and just take a look at how this night really descended into these streets are normally packed with people this caravan of of police officers now rushing to the scene and as word really started to spread so did the fear amongst many people there in las vegas along the strip you see hotel guests here at caesar's palace another casino nearby they're taking shelter even in the lower levels of that building they just don't know if the situation outside was safe or not after the shooting you know this was a country music concert two of those musicians who performs they went to social media to basically describe their experiences this is jayco when he was on stage
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before the shooting and he writes gunshots were ringing off the stage in rigging and road cases no one knew where to go and he thinks the first responders on the scene country star jason dean the he was performing as the shots broke out and he took to instagram he had a message here he says that tonight has been beyond horrific i still don't know what to say but i want to let everyone know that me and my crew are safe my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight it hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who is just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night u.s. president donald trump also sending his warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families were saying once again that social media is such an important tool in tragedies like this one yeah it really is becoming kind of the go to place and many people in las vegas are going online to start to organize some of these relief efforts even here in the middle the night and early morning now this is one important tool it's from facebook it's called a crisis response page and it's for really getting. people's relief efforts
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organized and together you can see people in the area can use a red dot to request help and there's green dots there as well and those are offers of assistance whether it's shelter transport even people offering we've seen baby supplies the last vegas police department they've been very very active on twitter providing a verified information really important here giving a phone number for families searching for their loved ones but unfortunately you know as we see far too often after these kinds of incidents lots of fake news actually spreading on social media including already some rumors people trying to link this to islamic extremism which is not true and this is just one tweet that we saw a rumor that the shooter was a thirty two year old islam convert that is completely false someone even using the image of a comedian and weirdly enough his image they are holding a gun surfaces constantly after shootings like these so be careful of course if you're on social media there are other rumors even of multiple shooters at casinos that started to spread those were immediately debunked fortunately by officials
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there in las vegas but you see the good and the bad unfortunately of social media after these events. and with how this story is being covered on social media karl thank you very much. and karl mentioned that the u.s. president donald trump tweeted a little earlier he is also expected to speak very soon about the attack we will bring you his remarks live for in washington as soon as they begin for now though we're going to move on to some other news the regional government of catalonia is meeting to discuss steps towards independence that's after ninety percent of voters backed breaking away from spain in a referendum on sunday but the vote was disrupted by police and dismissed by madrid leaving catalonia and the remainder of spain wider apart than ever before. supporters of catalan super tuesday in force again today providing a powerful backdrop for the demands of the regional leader. but despite the mood of
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defiance in barcelona he opened the door to deescalation. a woman can say you know. what i'm now recommending is mediation you limit yes you are and that mediation requires the presence of a third party i think that unless you're not getting that party needs to be international for this to be an effective process this is important to restore the institutional normality which has been disturbed by disproportionate decisions from spain central government that. it's also important to end police violence and the limitation of our liberty and also to create a climate of less tension for such a process of mediation estimate yes you're going to say yeah. sunday's violence was splashed across the morning papers as people caught up with events that could change the makeup of the country some catalans around by police tactics others expressing reservations about leaving spain. i'm of the opinion that this
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referendum wasn't managed the way it should have been there may have been other ways that we all would be happy with the results part of us catalans i believe a not happy with the result of the referendum. is the most important of all. just. yesterday was terrible people like me i'm seventy years old i experienced a dictatorship under franco and this is the same. they see it on me you know. spanish police used heavy handed tactics on sunday to disrupt a vote the country's supremes court has ruled unconstitutional central government in madrid has come under fire for its use of police force cattle an authority say over eight hundred people were injured and now setting up a special commission to investigate claims of abuse. and let's go right to barcelona were journalist stephen bergen is standing by for us hi stephen long
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president we saw a report he gave a statement just a little while ago saying he does not plan and what spain but is calling for a new understanding what does that mean that he plans to go ahead with this independence. over there's no doubt that he plans to but i think to surprise quite a few people that he has pulled back from the brink and hasn't just simply declared independence on the basis of yesterday's poll. but he i mean he's a dyed in the wool independent at least and there's no doubt that he's not going to change his mind but he is he's calling for mediation he'd like this to be i think from the european union but it's very disappointed the european union's brotherhood bland reaction to what's happened and he says be you can't look away. and they have to they have to come to terms with this. but he doesn't want any traumatic bird
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because the fact is although ninety percent of people who voted yesterday voted in favor. it is a well known fact that they represent roughly fifty percent of the population but fifty percent of the population were independents and the other half don't and i think you know he and others realize that pushing this through against the will of people who frankly didn't vote was a book because they know it wasn't a legally binding referendum that isn't going to work so time for mediation to begin but this requires a very different attitude from the spanish government which behaved actually just walked straight into a truck by being using force yesterday which simply reinforced people's sense that they don't want to belong to spain and stephen after those that force that you mentioned yesterday we saw these dramatic scenes of violence you know how are people there been reacting today in barcelona what is the atmosphere like. there is
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at the moment there's a very large demonstration going on there was a ten minute everything stopped for ten minutes in protest but now there's various marches going on and tomorrow there's a general strike is called just a day. ok stephen as you said you know this is a very difficult situation and neither side here really backing down what options does the government in madrid really have right now. it has the option to recognize the reality that this is not going to go over it and that by simply using force or in fact telling. us as reported yesterday say there wasn't a referendum. isn't going to work and if they did they haven't got the political will or intelligence to mediate this they will have to find someone who does because it's not about to go very far if even as you've been speaking we've been
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looking at some live pictures there from barcelona stephen reporting from barcelona for us journalists even bergen thank you very much for that insight can do you know reactions to this independence referendum have been coming in across europe do you have used bob you have a soul is keeping an eye on those reactions in brussels and for us what have you officials been saying about both the referendum and the violence. european commission today in a statement reminded the the independence movement in barcelona that it had said from the beginning that this referendum was illegal after the spanish constitutional court had ruled it illegal and it is also said that. catalonia if one wanted to force independence would sort of drop out of the european union however after the pictures we saw yesterday about the police violence against people in barcelona and the catalonian region they also the
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european commission went a step further we hear a spokesman mark regev sheena's let's listen to what he has to say we call on all relevant players to know move very swiftly from confrontation to dialogue. violence can never be an instrument in politics. so when we hear the message from the e.u. there but what can brussels actually do here. brussels can't really do anything because opposed to public opinion the european union is not this supra national organization that can sort of interfere in its member states it's absolutely not possible the rules are not like that so this is in fact is spanish is fair and the spaniards have to sort of deal with it however the european union would certainly build would be willing to mediate if it would be called so what we heard from the
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separatist movement they might be willing to do this now also of course the government in madrid would have to call brussels and say ok let's do this we have heard that there is supposed to be a phone call this afternoon between the holy and the president of the european commission perhaps something like that is under way and barbara what do you think this could possibly need for the future of the e.u. especially if you look at other disputes like that involving scotland. absolutely nothing good because we've been there i mean we've had the scottish referendum that was a legal referendum and the scot said no so that seems to be pretty settled for the moment other regions that have been sort of searching independence for decades life the basque region or we've had a flare up of separatist movement and feeling if for instance in flanders in belgium all that has pretty much settled down however if not all the identity
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politics and populist movements bring this back up it is really in major disturbance for political peace in the european union that really wants to do reforms instead of being engaged in this sort of struggle. of a soul on the consequences for the e.u. there barbara thank you very much. well that a violent referendum yesterday also has investors folk monica while sumi investors don't like separatist movements and they don't like violence or uncertainty spanish stocks down spain's borrowing costs are up that as investors try to gauge the political consequences from sunday's independence vote in catalonia madrid says we heard the vote it was illegal but after the brutal crackdown by spanish police support for the government is crumbling and worries about spain's economy rising on the madrid stock exchange share prices continue to slide more than one hundred points shared since the market opened
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a fall of more than one percent many traders fear that uncertainty about the fate of catalonia will lead to further falls in this climate investors buying spanish government bonds may want higher interest the country near has to pay almost one point seven percent interest on ten year bonds the highest in many months the common european currency also fell slightly if the euro's fallen below one point one eight us dollars losing nearly a cent from god we've just overcome the euro crisis so calls for independence are certainly not going over well with the e.u. has a big task ahead of it it will have to mediate but it's clear there were ninety percent of the people want freedom that cannot simply be ignored. if catalonia gained independence spain would lose its industrial heartland the region accounts for a fifth of the country's economic power see it cars are produced here the region is also important in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. without catalonia spain
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would slip to fifteenth place in the world ranking of the strongest economic countries that would put it behind mexico. now regardless of how this plays out in spain yes it isn't and brutal police response don't instill confidence seemed suddenly weighed on the euro let's get some market reaction now from in frankfurt on the house the spanish economy which is still recovering from years of recession going to cope with this uncertainty. it's going to be difficult it depends on how long the uncertainty lasts and whether it's just an uncertainty or whether there will there will be further escalation of the conflict in the north the government in madrid and separatists intent on making their point nobody really knows where that's going and that's a major worry not affecting really the markets in a major way today lots of marks of sin europe indeed gaining just
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a little bit but the longer this takes the more worrisome it becomes still i don't think anybody who knows pain and who is watching the situation is counting on spain going back into recession because growth at the moment is just too high the it's a steamroller three point two percent was g.d.p. growth last year people expected until this conflict to be two and a half percent this year is still way higher than what was projected for the euro zone so it's a very high pedestal one is perhaps looking downward from ok but you also agree i'm a nobody knows how this is going to play out so if we just think of one possible scenario if catalonia was to leave spain it would also leave the european union and therefore lose access to the single market wouldn't it. exactly and that would spell disaster for the people for the companies there and also for spain which also loses a major trading partner and part of its economic recovery of course of the catalonians
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left spain they would no longer be part of spain a member of the e.u. and that would of course are magically mean that they would be out of a lot of advantages and they won't get back into the e.u. that's for sure because you need an unanimous vote for that of all the countries probably then twenty seven after britain will of left and spain for one will certainly vote no on that yes but at the moment at least seems quite obvious. in frankfurt thank you so much for that. british authorities are scrambling to bring home thousands of travelers after a monarch airlines collapsed on monday canceling all flights by one of the country's oldest carriers the u.k. said the asian watchdog said it has leased thirty aircraft to bring home monarchs customers they're scattered around holiday destinations ranging from turkey to spain and sweden flights will be provided at no additional cost to passengers monaco is the first european airline making a financial crash landing this year. it was
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a familiar sight at british airports for fifty years but that changed overnight the demise of monarch airlines was announced in an early morning online message from britain's civil aviation north already passengers were left without a flight home most of them stranded at destinations in the mediterranean the government is vowing to bring them home in what it calls the country's biggest ever peacetime repatriation we expect the vast vast majority of one hundred ten thousand . passengers who are currently on holiday with monarch to come back to the u.k. within the next two weeks that's that's exactly what is expected. britain's fifth biggest airline had struggled with losses but had hoped to turn things around with orders for boeing's latest seven three seven planes and a cost cutting program bankruptcy rumors swirled last year but then monarch was able to draw a new line of credit but now that's gone and so is the airline with
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a decision really was a result of continued losses loss has been sustained for quite some time forecast to continue mainly as a result of prices in the market overcapacity in the short haul market is meant pace have been depressed for some time in britain's transport minister says other airlines have plans to quickly hire monarch's staff but that's little consolation for the three hundred thousand people who held tickets to fly on monarch they won't be going anywhere. if you're afraid of heights look away now a redevelopment project in helsinki has come up with a novel way to promote itself the ready urban center has offered hundreds of people who won a prize draw an opportunity to take a sound bath dandling high over the construction site the sound was lifted to a height of one hundred twenty meters the same height of the one that will be built into the residential tower it offers extraordinary views of finland's capital and
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house space three people. well from scandinavia and so on to the middle east sumi takes us there thank you monica all of the palestinian prime minister rami have dollar is on a rare visit to the gaza strip a trip which forms part of a major reconsolidation move between longstanding rivals fatah and hamas and dollars visit comes a week after hamas disbanded its that administration in gaza making way for a unity government headed by one dollar palestinians in gaza and the west bank have been ruled separately since a split between the rival political factions erupted in two thousand and seven previous attempts at reconciliation have failed. and didn't use tenure cramer's that the arabs that border point in gaza tanya you have been talking to people living in gaza what are they hoping to see come out of this visit.
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well there was a very cheerful crowd here at the palestinian side here i'm standing at the crossing when the convoy passed through here some time ago and the people are saying here it's like they're kind of course asli optimistic because they're saying this time it really has to go through and they're really hoping that this spring conciliation this time will work out but of course they're also concerned that it might fail again because they have seen many attempts and also agreements in the past decade in the past ten years that have failed you know people here want to see something positive coming out of this visit but also of the whole process because people are aware that this is not going to be done in one or two days of a visit this is going to be a very long process. there have been previous attempts at reconciliation that have failed what about the timing of this now. what i mean people are saying you know this the timing here for them is quite why because gaza is in a very very difficult situation and what they want to see i mean what they are
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saying here is the government that came here from ramallah they should start working now on all the issues you know the issues that are really of concern to them for example electricity the way men's. electricity cuts over the summer because the palestinian authority wanted to make pressure on hamas you know two years to dismantle of the so quote mr to call me to that was ruling gaza now they come together and they're saying we need to you know really start working on this and that is why people are saying you know they need to take steps immediately to make this difficult situation here better and timed it just briefly if you can on a political level what can we expect what kind of outcome are these rivalries over . well the rivalries are not over and this is what people are most concerned about they want to see in the coming days no tomorrow there's a cabinet session. and then they have to talk you know about all these thorny
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issues that have been there for the past decade that includes for example security or what is happening with hamas militant wing the gates and all the other issues and this is what people will be looking at you know what kind of concessions they will make to each other and what kind of timetable do they expect here to see if this is a serious attempt this time. at the border point in gaza tanya thank you very much . and a reminder of our top story this hour a gunman has opened fire on a country music festival in las vegas killing at least fifty people and wounding more than four hundred sixty four year old suspect is among the dead it's being called the worst mass shooting in u.s. history and these are live pictures from washington right now where u.s. president donald trump is expected to speak about that shooting any moment he did tweet earlier in the day sending his warmest condolences to the victims' families
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and and saying god bless you we will be taking his remarks live as soon as the president takes the podium there. for now though we're going to move on to some other news and the question why do we feel awake during the day and sleepy at night it is all down to your body's inner clock or your circuit hadian rhythm and it turns out it is pretty crucial to your well being so much so that the men who discovered the importance of natural body rhythms have now been awarded the nobel prize for medicine the nobel prize committee announced that american scientists jeffrey hall michael ross josh and michael young will share the award committee said the trio helped uncover how disrupting your sleep for them can have a major impact on your behavior and body function take a listen. this year's nobel laureates have been studying this fundamental problem and solved the mystery of how an inert clock in most of our
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cells in our bodies can anticipate daily fluctuations between night and day to optimize our behavior and physiology. and we have our science editor derek williams with us in studio to explain all of this to us first of all derek a do you were you surprised by this what do you think it was actually very surprised i mean you get used to when you when you turn into a nobel prize watcher you sort of read a lot of different things online and there is no short list so it always comes as a prize as a surprise there's never any leads and everything that i read these guys were never mentioned of course this work really was very groundbreaking and it was done but it was done about thirty years ago and there's been a lot of exciting science that's been done since then and so it sort of fell off people's radar so i think circadian rhythms are what did they study here well what they say we all have as we just heard this inner clock and it's and it's determined by the rotation of the earth all all life has it and this inner clock at what's happening actually at a cellular level that's the question everybody has experienced it before if you've
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ever flown across time zones and you you know you've experienced jet life so you know that something is going on but what's happening actually at the cellular at the molecular level and that's really what this research performed they looked into which genes become active at what particular times and and how that's reflected within the cells itself and that then of course provides the basis then for later studies that can then look at for example disease so they carried out their experiments on fruit flies were not fruit flies though fruit flies but of course you know the rotation of the earth has been around forever and so these are very very ancient genetic this is very ancient genetic code these genes they sit very very deep so what's what's true of fruit flies is also true of a huge range of other organisms including human beings of course you said this came as a surprise why do you think this work was important enough to merit the nobel prize one of the one of the aspects of it i think is it has to do with modern life in the speed of modern life how quickly things are happening and how life is now really twenty four seven and we've come to realise largely among other things due to the
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fundamental work that these scientists have done that not paying attention to this inner clock can actually make you sick and so the. that's really why they received the prize for medicine and physiology because they've laid the groundwork for a whole brand new branch of medicine chronobiology which looks at exactly those mechanisms and why they cause us to become sick if we don't pay attention to our end of clocks well congratulations then to those are three american researchers for winning the nobel prize for medicine and are a science correspondent eric williams with us here in studio explaining it all to us thank you derek very much. to another story in our south carolina is a trump country a people there don't support his push for import tariffs and monica is here back with more to tell us why they exactly i forced my way back into the studio for this one sue me because if you are a b.m.w. customer in the u.s. and drive one of its u.b.s. aides likely it's been made in spartanburg north carolina more than eight thousand
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u.s. workers there make more than a thousand cars for the day b.m.w. is one of more than five hundred foreign firms doing business in the spot in the area many locals will thankful that foreign investors have helped revive the once ailing region so a few people there understand that presidents trump has threatened to those companies with punitive tariffs if they import components manufacture it manufactured abroad joel proved more is determined to reach the top. he's already being paid for going to school by b.m.w. and when he graduates that's where he'll start working. joel's grandparents worked for the textile industry in badly paid jobs something which is unimaginable for joe the production technology that came after the fall of the textile sector attracted him thirty years ago his hometown was desolate then international firms came to the
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rescue joel will work as hard as his grandparents but the rewards will probably be better. i looked at it it's like not only as an opportunity but you know i love the way that you know everything's kind of moving and you just program it is does what you tell it just it was also. there are now five hundred foreign firms in the region many offer tailor made apprenticeships through the local technical college and that's a boost for the region when b.m.w. came into our area twenty five plus years ago that was the eye opener if you would say just saying you know if we do work work together and go after organizations or companies like that we can we can we can retain them and get them into our area. people here are proud of all the foreign investors who've helped to get the region back on its feet south carolina is a strictly republican state this is trump country yet almost no one here
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understands why the president has picked on carmakers for higher import tariffs on the components they sourced from outside the country. the southern states are courting foreign investors it helps that there aren't workers unions here but if costs of imported components increase that could be a deal killer and local jobs would be in jeopardy. i believe the whole quote is. assigned to mr churchill it's a. eric and will always do the right thing after they've tried everything else so sometimes we have to stumble around in these issues before we get to the right formula but i believe we will get to the right formula b.m.w. doesn't just make cars in spartanburg it's also introduced germany's two track vocational training scheme which keeps companies of all sizes supplied with skilled workers this gives joel a chance to get hands on experience while still in tech school and earn money at
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the same time joel was born here in spartanburg he became a soldier as a way out when the city seemed to have no future since then the area is being reborn new cafes are opening it's becoming a nicer place to live the inner city is profiting from the boom and its suburbs. russian telecoms company a trans telecom has installed a new internet connection for north korea that's according to a report from the us korea institute in baltimore it said to the new link went online on sunday north korea normally relies on data route via china but beijing is threatening to boycott the country over its nuclear test so the report says pyongyang is looking to reduce its reliance on its neighbor a few people have access to the internet in north korea but the army cyber warfare unit is thought to want to better connections trans telecom is a subsidiary of state owned russian railways. well an electric bicycle for
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five hundred four hundred or even three hundred euro's an industry association insists the prices so low are only possible in the e.u. because chinese manufacturers a selling their bikes at below production costs of banks to illegal state subsidies that's according to the european bicycle manufacturers association the organization has filed an official complaint with the european commission the authorities in brussels now have until the end of october to decide whether to investigate the e.u. has already imposed antidumping penalties on chinese steel and solar panels. while one month's loss is another man's gain and that also applies to tourist destinations take egypt the country has experienced a dramatic collapse in tourist numbers due to political instability and terrorist attacks but now visitors are slowly coming back partly because european holiday makers especially from germany a turning their backs on turkey so egypt is now back on their lists.
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egypt's ancient pyramids are gradually becoming more popular with tourists again visitors from around the world are also returning to the other historical sites in egypt as well as the beaches many of these holiday makers are from germany or other european countries and china rediscovering egypt in two thousand and ten the country had just shy of fifteen million visitors when the decline began thanks to political unrest and terrorist attacks visitor numbers dropped rapidly in two thousand and sixteen they were just four and a half million. this year the government estimates the country will welcome eight million guests that's twice the number they had last year that's a blessing for the egyptian economy which relies on tourism four million people work directly in the tourist sector another four million are indirectly employed and sales have plummeted the fact that the local currency is weak means holidays in
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egypt good value tourism authorities hope that this will also speed recovery of the business and now a murder mystery that stunned the world sumi here monica some of our mute viewers might remember this very bizarre story on a february thirteenth kim jong nam the estranged half brother of north korean leader kim jong un was killed in the middle of kuala lumpur airport the weapon poison that today the two women accused of his murder saw their trial begin in malaysia the suspects were ushered into court to earlier today amid tight security as expected they pleaded not guilty to the attack with a deadly nerve agent the pair say they were tricked into believing they were part of a prank for a reality t.v. show they face the death penalty if convicted. and the many questions surrounding the murder are still unanswered u.s. and south korean officials say it was a cold war style assassination orchestrated by north korea
4:42 pm
a charge pyongyang denies let's take a look now at what we know. the last images of king john now alive on february the thirteenth two women rubbed a liquid into his face at kuala lumpur airport he reported the incident to airport staff saying he felt unwell he was taken to the airport clinic and died on the way to hospital. kim jong nam was the older half brother of north korean dictator kim jong un they share the same father former supreme leader kim jong il. the child of his father's first marriage and should have succeeded him as leader but by the early two thousand he'd fallen out of favor from exile in macau he criticized his half brothers rule and called for reforms. reason enough to have him killed according to south korean and u.s. officials who blame the north korean regime for his murder pyongyang denies all involvement but tried unsuccessfully to prevent malaysian authorities conducting an
4:43 pm
autopsy the results showed that kim jong nam was killed with a nerve agent v.x. the murder sparked a diplomatic crisis between the two countries can join them as body was returned to north korea in march part of a deal securing the release of malaysian citizens from the reclusive state. to football now where match day seven saw reigning champ sparring minix start life without coach carlos mencia lawdy who was sacked on thursday former player willie saniel took the reins as they travel to berlin to face heritage aside to tori asli hard to beat at home the big guns are back thomas miller from rebury jerome taking. on the pitch right from the start for brian frons when he said you know had corrected his predecessor's mistake to good effect. balloting to homo's by and in front after ten minutes a strong start for sanyo i never made it to nil almost immediately after half time
4:44 pm
after he held off nicholas stark the game looked to be decided but hatch has gained key her a good she done surpassed by that saying then passed what was and made it impossible for andre duda to miss. just five minutes later this free kick from the impact and how it went straight past aliso and landed at the feet of a grateful salamone. at the dish. i think we're all very disappointed and frustrated that it's the second time in a row that we haven't been able to win after being two nil up and seek to end its opening for by and things got even worse when front rebury had to be taken off with a knee injury he could be out for a long time. the pressure is on the bye and buses to speed up their search for angelo tees permanent replacement. stay here in germany and
4:45 pm
a gay and lesbian couples have been tying the knot as a new marriage equality law comes into effect it is rebecca ritter's brings us this report on the country's first same sex i do. finally the day they have waited nearly forty years for until a few months ago men day and called krajina never imagined it would happen so soon still on the big day isn't pretty wedding just his he didn't sleep. last night but happy really happy to be able to marry the. photo and call met at a party in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine in what was then west berlin they've been together ever since and have spent he is campaigning for gay. it's in germany. that hard work has finally paid off and.
4:46 pm
there's a lot of excitement in this room today this is a momentous occasion not just the photo and call but for the entire gay community here in germany but the right to marriage equality hasn't been completely smooth the snap decision just three months ago means that germany's notoriously the bureaucratic system hasn't been able to keep up pace behind the scenes one of the newlyweds he's going to have to register as a woman and tell the computer systems can be updated next year. but that's not a big issue for common bodo or anyone else here the ear. marriage is a contract for life for two people who love each other and want to make a life together to be there for each other their gender is irrelevant. now they've made it official in front of their loved ones with the world's media looking on. not everyone the most moving moment was walking
4:47 pm
in here that seeing all our friends and hearing the wedding march. through that was a moments where you just. you just can't stay cool and a. marriage for all is the message on their wedding cake and finally now. it's a dream that's become a reality. we're looking at one of the final rehearsals for scenes from curtis foulest by robert schumann at the start of wanted in linden berlin that the historic building has been renovated to the tune of one hundred million euros it's opening its doors tomorrow and set on sanderson from our culture desk joins us more for more on the story opera fan so they must be pretty excited about this oh yeah well they're ecstatic but all. also history buffs will love this because this is a really interesting building right at the heart of for it was commissioned in
4:48 pm
seven hundred forty two by frederick the great so it's pretty old it burned down one hundred years after that in eight hundred forty three bows rebuilt several times at the end of world war two it became the official state opera bellina. in linden is a full title and it's called the linen because it's located in that famous avenue that's in the middle of berlin and it's known as the linen opera because of that for a short hand at the end of world war two well much like the rest of berlin it was reduced to rubble but it was rebuilt under the east german regime by twenty two and they decided it needed some revamping and that's what they just did they raised the ceiling to let the acoustics travel better and that's a special thing it's all about the acoustics and i think we should have a look at it. the starts off into den linden first opened its doors two hundred seventy five years ago it's already gone through several overhauls and now
4:49 pm
it's about to reopen again the race for the all important last minute touches is on . artistic director daniel barenboim has been waiting seven years for this moment for a long time even in the world of opera the barenboim that's secondary to the all important acoustic. tone i was amazed because it all sounded so wonderful and for my ears really the acoustics are ideal acoustics of your. long time clarinetist in the house mathias calander puts the acoustics to the test . i'm amazed at how big the room is now. how generous the space is. it's a fantastic theatre we've already had rehearsals and the acoustics are vastly
4:50 pm
improved and. the starts up i was commissioned by no other than frederick the great it's holes have been graced by the likes of felix mendelssohn by fall of the wagner and since nine hundred ninety two the contemporary great daniel barenboim. the reconstruction has had problems it's the longest and most expensive overhaul in the operas history and it's still not complete the barenboim it's the big picture that counts. we want to continue to be an institution that makes an important contribution. not only for berlin not only for germany but also for europe. returning now to our top story of the las vegas mass shooting more than fifty dead more than four hundred injured u.s. president donald trump is speaking right now let's go right to washington fellow americans we are joined together today in said miss shock
4:51 pm
and grief last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas nevada he brutally murdered more than fifty people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security are working closely with local authorities to assist with the investigation and they will provide updates as to the investigation and how it develops. i want to thank the las vegas metropolitan police department and all of the first responders for their courageous efforts and for helping to save the lives of so many the speed
4:52 pm
with which they acted is miraculous and prevented further loss of life to have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something for which we will always be thankful and grateful it shows what true professionalism is all about hundreds of our fellow citizens are now mourning the sudden loss of a loved one a parent a child a brother or sister we cannot fathom their pain we cannot imagine their loss. to the families of the victims we are praying for you and we are here for you and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period scripture teaches us the lord is close to the broken
4:53 pm
hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit we seek comfort in those words for we know that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve to the wounded who are now recovering in hospitals we are praying for your full and speedy recovery and pledge to you our support from this day forward in memory of the fallen i have directed that our great flag be flown at half staff i will be visiting las vegas on wednesday to meet with law enforcement first responders and the families of the victims in moments of tragedy and. america comes together as one and it always has we call upon the bonds that unite us our faith our family and our shared values we call
4:54 pm
upon the bonds of citizenship the ties of community and the comfort of our common humanity our unity cannot be shattered by evil our bonds cannot be broken by violence and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens it is our love that defines us today and always will forever in time such is these i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos some kind of light in the darkness the answers do not come easy. but we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope. maloney and i are praying for every american
4:55 pm
who has been hurt wounded or lost the ones they love so dearly in this terrible terrible attack we pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace and we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear may god bless the souls of the lives that are lost may god give us the grace of healing and may god provide the grieving families with the strength to carry on thank you god bless america thank you. all right you've been watching the u.s. president donald trump making remarks on the a mass shooting in las vegas the president sent his condolences to the victims and their families and thanked police
4:56 pm
officers and emergency responders in los vegas and called it an act of pure evil well let's bring in a good abuse cussen phenomenon our washington correspondent who's been tracking this angle of the story a cost and a lot of people waiting to see what the president would say what did you make of his remarks. well i think the president struck the right tone he stayed above politics he. expressed his condolences to the victims and their families he praised the first responders and the police for their quick response for saving lives in this tragedy so i think he did everything right from what people expect from a president in the united states times like this like i said what other reactions i have you've been seeing and hearing there in washington this morning after such a terrible tragedy. of course people are interested in
4:57 pm
the question is this just a lone wolf attack as we've heard at some stages or is there any connection to extremist groups the f.b.i. last week said that they are looking at about one thousand potentially violent extremists in the u.s. left wing right wing is the mist and so on we don't know if the attacker in las vegas was one of them but that is being looked at the department of homeland security said in a statement they have no evidence no indication so far that there is a specific threat against any other public venue's they have been of course also reaction from other politicians from members of congress also expressing their shock and saying that they are with the victims' hearts and their feelings their thoughts are with the victims they have also been some politicians who have already
4:58 pm
opened a discussion about gun control because we have had these events time and again and hillary clinton for instance the former presidential candidate an opponent of donald trump has already tweeted that people should stand up to the n.r.a. the national rifle association the powerful gun lobby here but that has also caused a backlash against her because many people say this is not the time for this we don't even know what really happened what is behind this attack and we haven't even had time to grieve for the people who lost their lives so maybe a bit from it you about this discussion over gun control will come i'm pretty sure about that once again no question that is a discussion that has emerged time and again after attacks of this nature in the u.s. and meanwhile cousin you mentioned the words of comfort being sent to the victims and their families and those who are injured what more can you tell us about them
4:59 pm
at this point what more do we know less about those who were killed and those who are being treated at the moment hospital. well what we know of course is that they were people visiting country festival a country concert and basically more than twenty thousand people taking part in this concert and suddenly they were attacked we know that of course at least fifty people have been killed and the others are still treated in the hospital so the death toll might still rise not much more that we know so far except that of course the personnel in the hospitals in the us niggas is fighting for the lives of many many more people and carson also you know what about this area where this attack took place what do we know about why this area where the scene was so insecure was so vulnerable well it's basically impossible i
5:00 pm
would say to defend such and then you against an attack like this especially if you don't expect it basically the man who attacked those people sat in the thirty second floor of a high rise building of a nearby high rise building i'll tell and from there he had eight some reports even said ten guns apparently automatic assault style rifles and if you have someone who knows how to use these guns and if you have a packed crowd twenty thousand people more than twenty thousand people as i said he can just shoot. it's. not easy to miss basically and apparently this man knew what he was doing with those guns it's almost impossible to react to this immediately apparently the police did react relatively quickly.


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